RSS Feed New Articles Copyright (C) RSS Generator Margot Fonteyn's ballet costumes are auctioning The two costumes - estimated at a combined $10,000 - recall Fonteyn's fascinating life of dance, romance and South American coups d'etat Hindus welcome Dancing Shiva statue in prestigious Louvre Abu Dhabi Upcoming $630 million Louvre Abu Dhabi (LAD) museum will reportedly have Hindu Dancing Shiva statue in its permanent collection. Am I too old to dance? Many of us question if we're too old to dance... L.A. Contemporary Dance Company Review on LACDC Celebrate Dance 2013: Los Angeles Dance Presentation Executive Producer Jamie Nichols presents Celebrate Dance 2013 with a line-up of 8 top-notch dance companies at the historic Alex Theatre in Glendale, California. Indian Classical Dance by Yogita Kulkarni Indian Classical Dance focuses not only on intricate face expression and hand gestures, but isolated movement that is sharp and rhythmic. Barré-lesque: The Fitness Industries Newest Workout Barré-lesque is a dance fitness class based in the Los Angeles region of Southern California. How do I improve my pirouette? Dancers with inverted knees sometimes have trouble with pirouettes. Check out some of our tips. Tis the Season for Dance As we continue on our journey through the ages, dance continues to ignite our special days with excitement and enthusiasm for humankind. A Chance to Dance: An Ovation Original Series Nigel Lythgoe commissions UK's BalletBoyz to form a dance company and performance in 28 days... The Eco-Friendly Dancer 10 ways to save cash, stay green, and inspire others in today’s climate. What is it about dancers? If you want to find an eccentric bunch of people, start dancing. If you want to feel your soul move, start dancing. If you want to be frustrated with your body, start dancing. Dance Hiatus Let’s face it, the dance world is demanding and sometimes a dancer must take an extended break Astra Dance Company Astra Dance Company Presents: Astra, a ballet-waltz! Learn to Fly with Leaps and Bounds Leaps and jumps can be improved in a number of ways. Here are a few tips to help a dancer achieve their best possible air time. Dance Books This light-footed volume of 1000 light-hearted quotations is a tongue-in-cheek-to-cheek tribute to TV dance shows. How do I increase my leg extension? If you need to gain strength for extending the leg, you may want to try this... Improve Floor-Work Technique When a dancer continuously faces floor-work challenges in their dance routines, they have to take extra measures to keep up with the choreography. Partnering Tips and Tricks Knowing how to partner is an essential part of professional dancing; it is one of the most important skills to develop no matter what type of dancing aspirations. LA Contemporary Dance Company presents “Fight or Flight” L.A. Contemporary Dance Company continues to stretch our proverbial boundaries with inventive works, presented by a group of incredible dance artists. "The Wanting" with moxy phinx: A Dancehelp Review “The Wanting” offers a star, moxy phinx, and music/dance/theatre experience like nothing else you will see in Los Angeles this season. Just Face it: The Importance of A Dancer’s Facial Expression When performance training starts to mature a dancer learns to use facial expression as the soul of their dancing. Regina Klenjoski Dance Company: The Crossings Regina Klenjoski Dance Company Celebrates 10 Years of Dance with "The Crossings" Brain vs. Brawn: The Key to a Dancer's Success Focus, comprehension, memorization skills and adaptation are all extremely important to a dancer’s progression. Popular Dance Haircuts and Styles Dancers have a special relationship with their hair. Hair is an extension (no pun intended) of the dancer no matter how it’s worn. Advice on Becoming a Professional Dancer I am wondering how to reach for my goal of becoming a professional dancer in a dance company. Dance Injury Guide Dancehelp lists the most common dance injuries. Decoding Ballet Methods Many dancers are trained each year in a specific ballet “method”. These methods of training have a vast history leading to their survival of the ages. L.A. Contemporary Dance Company (LACDC) presents Fall 2009 Performance Schedule: Join L.A.’s resident dance company this fall as they continue their explorations in movement with the top artists of L.A. Rosco Lays Down the Floor in South Africa Rosco provides dance floors, lighting, audio and video, stage props, sets and much more. They have offices all over the world. The Evolution of Stylized Ballet Ballet is a meandering stream that continues to develop. Remembering Patrick Swayze Patrick married fellow dancer Lisa Neimi, who he met at the school of performing arts. Lisa was actually his mother’s star dancer at the school. A Guide to the Emotional Dancer Keeping things under control on an emotional front helps a dancer to concentrate on the task at hand; taking class, auditioning or performing. Femme Photos Dance Photo Shoots Femme Photos now offers women a custom dance photography shoot. Get those employment shots now! The Pirouette As evading as it is for some, the pirouette is the crowning glory of a dancer. Michael Jackson: A Dance Legend On Friday, June 26th, 2009 we lost the great song and dance legend Michael Jackson. The world will forever be united by his image and his ingenious dances. The Versatile Jazz Dancer: Perfecting the Four Styles of Jazz Technique The best way to increase the chances of being seen is to tighten up that jazz technique and to perfect the four main styles of jazz which are classical, Latin, lyrical and theatrical. The Beginning Dancer: Advice on the Journey Ahead Everyone has to start somewhere and being brand new to any activity comes with hardships. Summer Dance Intensive Guide Summer is here and it’s time to decide on which dance intensive to sign up for. L' effeur des sens effeur des sens.aspx L' effeur des sens shows a new style of sensual and technical dancing... effeur des sens.aspx Five Things I Hate About Ballet A repertoire that's decaying, danced by the disenfranchised. No wonder audiences are dwindling. It's not our fault.By Lewis Segal, Times Staff Writer Cultural identity through dance in Spain Having been previously restricted from communicating their ideas and feelings, Spaniards were attracted by the communicative system of dance... Dance Movies Take a look at our compilation of movies that feature dance. Discover unique views of dance on film! Dance Class Etiquette If you act professional in all your dance endeavors you will inevitably be a better dancer... Dance Bag Essentials What a dancer carries in their dance bag can sometimes make or break a day in class,auditions, rehearsal or on the job. Invertigo Dance Theatre Presents "Reeling" Check out one of LA's hottest dance companies! Top 10 Dancer Skin Breakout Causes No matter how much we wash, sometimes breakouts are unavoidable and can become very embarrassing for a dancer. LA Contemporary Dance Company Review Modern Myths and Monsters: a dance review The Five Secrets to Flexibility Without the proper flexibility we aren’t able to do the more advanced movement that dance requires. Hysterica Dance Benefit Review If there was ever a good reason to get lost in downtown LA this was it. Last Chance For Dance? I am missing the technical training and am afraid my chances for college dance are gone because I made this decision... Biography: Bob Fosse A Biographical look at the jazz legend Bob Fosse and his influence on the art of jazz dancing. The Roots of Tap Tap dancing pioneers made this art what it is today, we have come to value this as an elite art form of dancing... Biography: Wade Robson Hip hop choreography prodigy Wade Robson began dancing in Australia at age five.. Spotlight On: Laurie Ann Gibson A hip hop choreographer to the stars including... Savion Glover: Short Biography A world renowned tap dancer and choreographer who made his film debut... Biography of Martha Graham Martha Graham changed the lifescape of dance forever. Her endless chains to dance brought the world into an era of modern movement and realism. The Wide World of Ballroom We see ballroom dancing coming out of the closet, and taken back out for a spin. Eye on: Chunky Move move.aspx Keeping our eye on on up and coming dance company: Chunky Move move.aspx The George Balanchine Foundation Releases Balanchine Works Complete premiere information about every known work staged or choreographedby George Balanchine, is now available online, free of charge, to the general public. Jack Cole: Pioneer of Jazz Dance Jack Cole may not be known outside of dance appreciation classes, and dance historians, but his legacy lives on in every jazz class in the nation. Dance Enters the Fitness Market Dancers are known for their sleek and scultped bodies. People want to gain the physique, but aren't necessarily interested in training for years and years to learn the art of dance... Spotlight on: L' effeur des sens We have our eye on Hollywood's up and coming Dance Troupe L' effeur Des Sens Dancehelp Reviews Toepads Read our pointe toepad reviews! SUMMER DANCE INTENSIVE GUIDE Check out the best summer dance intensive programs in your area Summer Dance Intensives Check out the Summer Dance Intensive Programs in your area! A Short History of Modern Dance Studying the history of modern dance is like tracing the story of an extended family through several generations. How to Improve: Devote Yourself How do some people get so good at something? This article explains a major difference between amateurs and pros. A Dancer's Next Steps Every dancer can benefit from career planning that can lead to a future as fulfilling as dancing, and there is an organization that was created to help do exactly that. Nutrition on the run! How to take along good nutrition when you take to the road. Hip Health After the age of 16, it is essential to assure hip health by maintaining strength in the abdominal muscles, proper alignment and correct technique... The age requirements of dance _to_dance.aspx Is age a factor in dance sucess? How old is too old for dance? _to_dance.aspx Company or Campus? Every serious dancer faces the important question: Should I dance in college or should I audition for a dance company? A little advice on getting your split down. technique.aspx There are many ways to improve your stretching. You should not only stretch before and after class... technique.aspx Weight Loss Tips That Work Everyone wants to know the secret to losing weight. Here are the essential rules to losing weight. Dancer Body Types Every dancer is made up of genetics that determine their body type... The History of Modern Dance Studying the history of modern dance is like tracing the story of an extended family through several generations. Wayne McGregor: Random Dance McGregor is known for his experimenting with projected computer generated images onto the stage. Should dancers<a href=""/> avoid carbs?</a> Dieting Myths Debunked <i>How do I improve a low arch?</i><a href=""/>Practice working...</a> Q: How can I strengthen my point and make my arch more flexible? Scenes from Dance Movie "Center Stage"! Re-live the dance scenes from one of the newest dance industry movies. Brush up on Your Dance Trivia! Take this short dance trivia quiz, how do you score? Dancers and Eating Disorders One of the biggest fears of a dancer is gaining weight and having to face themselves in the mirror donning only their leotards and tights. Pointe Shoe Ribbon Revue A ballet dancer’s pointe shoes are the most important tool in her trade. Wayne McGregor: Random Dance McGregor is known for his experimenting with projected computer generated images onto the stage. Savion Glover: Short Biography A world renowned tap dancer and choreographer who made his film debut... Spotlight On: Laurie Ann Gibson A hip hop choreographer to the stars including... Hats off to the Masters of Choreography! A tribute to the masters of choreography. Ward off Tendonitis It is not rare to hear that a dancer has developed tendonitis. A Cut Above the Rest: Moving Past the Plateau Professional dancers need to go above and beyond to gain a cut above the competition. Low Carb Diet: Good for Dancers? Dancers do not have the same diet needs as the rest of the general public. We hear all sorts of diet trends and ideas from the media... Dancehelp Reviews Toepads Read our pointe toepad reviews! STOMP Tours US! STOMP is no ordinary performance, it's a rhythmic masterpiece. National Tap Dance Day: May 25th! The United States Congress has officially deemed May 25th; ‘National Tap Dance Day’! How to Build a Dance Resume. Dancers with a strong resume are most likely to get that job over the competition. Read how to get that resume done! Achieving a tight fifth position Fifth position is one of the most tough positions for the new dancer. How do I improve a low arch? Some dancers have the problem of a low arch. This can be remedied in several ways. Dance Company Audition Preparation One of the most trying events in a dance career is the audition. Preparation is the key. How to Clean Pointe Shoes It's difficult to keep pointe shoes clean, it especially becomes a problem when the shoes are still viable but they look too beat up to perform in! The Wide World of Ballroom: A Short History We see ballroom dancing coming out of the closet, and taken back out for a spin.