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How to Improve: Devote Yourself

We've all heard the old saying "Practice makes perfect".

While this is obvious to some, there so many people that just don't seem to get it. It especially applies to dance, as it does to any profession or hobby.

A major difference between an amateur and a professional is that the professional has devoted their life to what they love, while many amateurs usually just "dabble" on the side. They're often left wondering why their level of skill is not on par with the masters, or looking for a shortcut that will make them as good as the pros.

ballet dancer

There are many good tips and lessons, but there is no big shortcut. Some skills come easier to some than others, but there's a huge margin of learning that simply takes time and dedication: Hours of practice per day, study, good teachers, and a good learning environment.

ballet dancer

When you devote your life to something, you spend countless hours per day perfecting your technique, and many hours studying as much as humanly possible. You should enjoy it enough to become obsessed.


There's no possible way someone can reach their full potential at something if they aren't spending hours a day to become their absolute best.

Next time you're envying your favorite dancer and their skills, remember that they've probably devoted their life to the craft. Can you imagine how good you would be at something if you worked on it for that many hours each day? Not only would you improve...You would reach heights you've never dreamed of.

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