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The Eco-Friendly Dancer

In today’s atmosphere, everyone is affected by the economy and the many crises around the earth. Every single human is touched by the latest series of disasters that have forever changed the lives of countless people. Knowing we are collectively responsible for keeping our earth and personal economy healthy is stressful in itself. Many find it hard to concentrate on personal endeavors when they see all the suffering and hardships on the news or in their community. There are many ways that dancers can help and still stay true and active to their art:

1.Recycle costumes, dance gear and shoes. Donate any dance gear, costumes and shoes to a local dance studio or school in a lower income community. Dance can be quite expensive and many families can barely afford their child’s dance gear. And many dance studios would be thrilled to get some new costumes! Every little bit helps and we all want our local dance studios to stay in business!

2.Ditch the plastic water bottles! Now-a-days there are plenty of alternatives to plastic water bottles. As a dancer it is a necessity to carry water, so why not pick up a re-useable container? Or perhaps try one of those water bottles with a filter for hydration purposes. There is no need to continue buying plastic water bottles, especially knowing what a problem they’ve become to our earth!

3.Support a charitable dance event.Pick up your local paper and discover how many art events are in the name of charity. Make it a point to attend an event or two a month, and make a donation. Spread the word to family and friends, ask people to attend with you. The more people you can get to come with you, the bigger the donation!

4.Volunteer. Every dancer can spare a day out of their week or month to volunteer at a local shelter, or charity. There are also many opportunities to volunteer as a dance teacher for younger dance prospects in a low income community or area that is in need of inspiration. Many of the regions that were hit by disasters in the last five years are packed with children that could use an inspiring dance class! It looks great on your resume as well!

5.Save your pointe shoes! There are many ways to re-harden pointe shoes for extended wear. This will save a dancer tons of money in the long run. There are quite a few products on the market today that can be applied to the box of the pointe shoe in order to re-harden the surface. This will surely get a week or two more out of every pair of pointe shoes.

6.Dance close by and save gas! Try not to drive far to attend school; find a place close to home to save on gas. Maybe find a studio within walking or biking distance. This will help your local community and immediate economy.

7.Barter for dance. If dance is too expensive, try bartering by offering to clean the studio weekly, or helping with stage duties for the performances in exchange for a class. Many studios would welcome such an exchange!

8.Recycle ribbons. Each time you are done with a pair of pointe shoes, save the elastic and ribbons for reuse. They can also be used for many other reasons as well. This could save a bit on elastic and ribbon costs and also is a great way to recycle.

9.Arrange a dance show aid. Reach out to a community in need. Arrange a dance aid and invite the community for support and some hearty entertainment. It will bring people’s spirits up and will inspire those who are in dire need. It may also raise a little profit which can be donated to a cause or community in need.

10.Be an inspiration. The best thing any dancer can do in times like this is to be an inspiration to those around them. People need something to look forward to and something to believe in. Power through these hard times and lead our new generation of dancers!

Everybody has something to offer and times like this call for those who harness the power of dance. In history, dance was used as a major tool to cheer people up and inspire folks to get up and get past tough times. Today we are all collectively feeling what is happening around the world with all the natural disasters, the economical crisis, and the poor health of our earth. Dancer need to unite, to contribute and to be an example so that others will do the same. Dancers are strong, committed and able people who are more than equipped to lead. There is nothing more rewarding than contributing to humankind!

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