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Home > Dance Q&A

Am I too old to dance?

Dear Dancehelp,

I am 24 years old and started dancing two years ago. I am picking up combinations quick and my dance instructor has even been having me demonstrate for the class. I really want to dance as a career but I feel I'm at such a disadvantage because of my age. Any advice?


A. Hello Kendall -

I hear this same mindset from girls as young as 16 years old. For some reason we are all under the impression that we aren't able to dance if we didn't start before the age of 10. This isn't true unless your dream is to be a principal dancer in the Bolshoi Ballet...

Many professional dancers got a late start and had fantastic careers as performers, teachers and choreographers - because they were brave and because they worked hard. Negative thinking is just as debilitating as a low arch or inflexible tendons... If you don't believe in yourself then you may as well hang up the dance shoes now. Making it in the dance world requires confidence and ambition. There is no room for doubt due to something as insignificant as your age. Many dancers start even later in life than you did and found very fulfilling careers in dance.

A few words of advice besides changing your perspective are to work as hard as you are able, and to also take every opportunity you can in the form of master classes, auditions and performance opportunities. Make sure you have a good instructor and listen intently to corrections. The quicker you apply them the quicker you will improve. Don't discuss your age and your fears with fellow dancers, own it and work it out on the dance floor!

Most of all, enjoy yourself and the wonderful instrument you have beneath you and within you. Seize every moment, savor every intricate movement and you will find yourself in the place you long to be!


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