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Home > Dance Biography

Dance Biographies of the Greats

Biography: Wade Robson
Hip hop choreography prodigy Wade Robson began dancing in Australia at age five..

Biography of Martha Graham
Martha Graham changed the lifescape of dance forever. Her endless chains to dance brought the world into an era of modern movement and realism.

Wayne McGregor: Random Dance
McGregor is known for his experimenting with projected computer generated images onto the stage.

Savion Glover: Short Biography
A world renowned tap dancer and choreographer who made his film debut...

Spotlight On: Laurie Ann Gibson
A hip hop choreographer to the stars including...

Spotlight on: Blake McGrath
Blake McGrath, of "So You Think You Can Dance" and MTVs "Dance Life"

Jack Cole: Pioneer of Jazz Dance
Jack Cole may not be known outside of dance appreciation classes, and dance historians, but his legacy lives on in every jazz class in the nation.

Biography: Bob Fosse
A Biographical look at the jazz legend Bob Fosse and his influence on the art of jazz dancing.

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Hats off to the masters of choreography!

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