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The Pulse Tour 2008

Have you ever dreamed of dancing with the hottest choreographers in the industry? Think Shane Sparks, Chris Judd, Wade Robson, Dave Scott, Brian Friedman and Mia Michaels. Now, imagine yourself learning their choreography at a workshop. Well you can wake up now, because this tour is no figment of your imagination, it’s coming this summer to Los Angeles and New York!

Pulse Tour 2008
The Pulse Tour stopped at the Doubletree hotel in Sacramento, CA

The Pulse Tour offers seminars, scholarships, classes and performances to those who are quick enough to snatch up the remaining spots! This tour sells out quick so sign up while you can by going to the Pulse Tour website.

Pulse Tour 2008
Mia Michaels and Brian Friedman

The Pulse Summer is an extended version of the original Pulse on Tour that tours the country. The extended summer Pulse Tour is in Los Angeles and New York at these locations:

  • PULSE Summer NYC July 4-7, 2008 is held at The Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers
  • PULSE Summer LA July 25-27, 2008 is held at The Hyatt Regency

  • Pulse Tour 2008
    Shane Sparks Teaching

    At the end of the tour there is an invitation only Summer Final Night Gala. The dancers that will participate are already hand selected from the 2007-2008 Pulse on Tour who auditioned to be a part of this experience. So all dancers attending the summer tour will be a part of this experience will get the attend the performance to be a part of the audience.

    Kristen Burns, 17, was one of the many dancers who attended the Pulse on Tour in Northern California. Kristen states “Dance lovers must find a way to take advantage of what these choreographers are offering, it’s quite an opportunity!”.

    Pulse Tour 2008
    Kristen Berg (in the red) with her Santa Susana High School Dance Team posing with (left to right) Chris Judd, Mia Michaels, Brian Friedman, Shane Sparks and Dave Scott

    Pulse offers a group discount so try to gather up fellow dancers for this fleeting opportunity:
    PULSE Summer NYC is $509 per dancer. Group rate is $499
    After May 4 PULSE Summer NYC is $529 per dancer. Group rate is $519
    PULSE Summer LA is $325 per dancer. Group rate is $315
    After May 15 PULSE Summer LA is $345 per dancer. Group rate is $335

    Pulse Tour 2008
    Mia Michaels teaching choreography

    Pulse is accepting dancers from age 11 to age 17. There is also a separate rate for observers only.

    One-day and three-day observer bands offered.
    ONE-DAY OBSERVER (Friday/Partial Day): $15
    ONE-DAY OBSERVER (Saturday and Sunday): $20

    The Pulse Summer Tour is also offering a teacher’s workshop as well so check out their website for more details!

    Dance that Brian Friedman taught at Pulse Tour:

    Dance that Mia Micheals taught at Pulse Tour:

    Don’t forget to visit our Dance Forum! There are valuable dance topics being discussed right now – join in!

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