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Home > Dance Products Review

Popular Dance Haircuts and Styles

Hair, Hair Everywhere!

Dancers have a special relationship with their hair. Hair is an extension (no pun intended) of the dancer no matter how it’s worn. Some prefer to wear it down while dancing to get dramatic effect. Others take special measures to secure it into a tight bun or pony tail. Some dance genres such as ballet find long, one-length hair desirable while a ballroom or jazz dancer might find a short bob does their dancing a favor. A new cut or advice on securing a bun may be just what the doctor ordered. Hair must not be a hindrance to ones dancing, so consider that new cut or take a look at our advice on securing hair.

Securing the Hair

Before each class most dancers spend time in the mirror securing their hair. Hair must be neatly secured so it doesn’t fall out of the ponytail or bun during class or especially while performing. There is nothing more distracting then hair that won’t stay in place. A dancer needs to be able to focus solely on dancing and nothing else or they could get distracted and not do as well on an audition or worse yet injure themselves.


The steps to a great bun are:

    1) Put hair gel throughout hair while damp
    2) Brush hair back into ponytail and fasten with ponytail holder
    3) Twist hair and coil it simultaneously


    4) Secure to head with bobby pins
    5) Wrap hair net around bun
    6) Secure again with bobby pins
    7) Spray with ultra hold hairspray

Dancers in other genres outside of ballet tend to go for the ponytail(s), (a) braid(s) and some choose to wear their hair loose while they dance. Those who prefer a ponytail need to be sure they use a thick hair tie and hairspray to keep their hair in tact. Some dancers find other alternatives such as braids or an up-do.

A fun style for the ballerina is to secure the hair in two braids then to wrap into a low bun, bobby pin and hairspray. Another fun style is two small ponytails or buns! However the hair is secured, be sure to check it by doing some head whips to see if it comes loose. If so then use another pony tail holder, more bobby pins or more hairspray.

Popular Dance Haircuts

Many dancers opt for a shorter haircut to accommodate their dancing. We see many salsa and ballroom dancers cutting their locks, and jazz dancers as well. A chic shaggy bob is trendy and shows off movement. Some really trendy cuts include very short styled hair, a shaggy bob, or mid-length hair with lots of layers. Dancers who like to experiment with their hair cut and style often choose a cut that won’t hinder their dancing but rather, enhance it.


A very popular recent haircut is the faux hawk. Many dancers, men and women alike are jumping to get this cut! It brings an edge to the dancer and can be styled in such fun ways. The faux hawk can be worn with straight or curly hair and can be worn loose or can be hair-sprayed or molded with gel, mousse or hair wax/mud. It’s a great look for a hip hop or modern dancer.

Faux Hawk

Many dancers find that long shaggy hair enhances their movement. A dancer who has the right type of bouncy hair can certainly use the movement of their hair to mesmerize the audience even further. The natural swing and motion enhance movement. We’ve seen many modern dancers use their hair to their advantage. It is quite beautiful to watch a modern dancer’s loose hair mimic their body dynamics.


Dancers also like bangs! The bangs are very popular amongst all the genres. Ballet dancers, though they’re encouraged to keep long one-length hair, have found that bangs can be worn while still securing the hair into a bun. Many dancers find that the bangs give just the right touch of movement enhancement.

Hair Accessories

Many dancers find hair accessories to be a fun look. Like the thin single or double headband look, or barrettes with flowers, sparkles or shapes on them. It’s not a great idea if these accessories don’t stay secured, but with the right product a dancer could find hair accessories to be a fun alternative to cutting their hair. Fun colored rubber bands are also an option as well as the multiple hair band pony tail. A dancer can use one pony tail holder at the scalp, then another about a half inch down and so on until they reach the ends. There are several ways to make a fun and interesting ponytail!


For performances dancers often use hair accessories such as Tiaras or hair glitter to enhance their hair. Another performance and class favorite is the new clip on hair extension which comes in many shades and colors. Dancers sometimes use them in bright neon colors for performance reasons. Many dancers also find that a false bun or ponytail enhance their performance unity. A dancer with shorter hair for instance, may want to use a false bun or their ballet performance. There hair extensions are in any beauty supply store in the nation. They are relatively inexpensive and are a great way to polish a dancers look on and off stage.


And don’t forget there is always the French braid and fun braiding techniques that can be looked up on any internet search engine such as Google. Hair can be secured with many cute and interesting pony tail holders; holders with pom-poms on them, or with little plastic hearts, stars etc. Headbands are all the rage as well as ribbons.

However the dancer chooses to wear their hair one thing should be remembered: a dancer’s hair is an extension of personal style. Don’t be afraid to spice things up with a new cut, or to experiment with fun hair styles!

Voice your opinion in our Dance Forums! There are valuable dance topics being discussed right now – join in!

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