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Las Vegas has many dance opportunities for the aspiring dancer. Many seasoned dancers pack for Vegas once they find that perfect opportunity.

Vegas auditions are based on many things. This industry is looking for a dancer with great technique to apply to a variety of shows that may last a week or a year depending on demand.

A Las Vegas dancer must be prepared to endure many auditions since dance jobs aren't always long term. And many of the shows in Vegas as we all know are risque! A dancer must not be shy to go this route but rather, bold and outgoing.

With that said, a dancer must draw the line as not to cross over into a field that is less than desirable, especially when a dancer spends many years training. Don't sell yourself short! Find a proper show to audition for and go for it.

One thing to learn before hand is the use of any props or crazy costumes that might be used in a show. Also, know how to dance in heels! If the show is well known the dancer can do research. Make sure you can Go and see the show first, be a spectator. Then bring all you have to the table.

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Vegas Dance Auditions
Do you have the guts for VEGAS??

Hats off to the masters of choreography!

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